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Hashatron Complete Craft Series Extraction

Hashatron Complete Craft Series Extraction

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Looking for a no hassle turn key package? Look no further than our complete craft series bundles. We have taken the time to assemble and locate all the necessary equipment and components to build out your solventless extraction lab so you don't have to! Each complete kit comes ready to run and includes the following

  • One closed loop double wall glycol jacketed washer with removable neoprene insulation jacket
  • One standard 220 Micron stainless steel work basket with removable paddles
  • One collection station with false floor on three wheel cart & neoprene insulation jacket
  • One Pre chill tank with integrated mixer, VFD pump and control panel & neoprene insulation jacket
  • One Clear mate RO Water filtration unit mounted on stainless steel RO water holding vessel with built in discharge pump
  • One G&D Single stage glycol chiller
  • 100' of 1" Insulated pex glycol supply & return lines
  • Medium freeze dryers
  • Dow Polypropylene Glycol
  • Collection bags (25,45,73,90,120,160,190,220 Micron)
  • Two pack of Sili Gloves
  • Two Hashatron Tee shirts

50 Gallon Package Information

  • 50 gallon wash vessel
  • 30 gallon collection vessel
  • 80 gallon pre chill tank
  • 7 ton G&D Chiller
  • 3 Medium freeze dryers
  • 300 Gallon RO storage Tank
  • 1,000 GPD RO Water filtration system

80 Gallon Package Information

  • 80 gallon wash vessel
  • 44 gallon collection vessel
  • 100 gallon pre chill tank
  • 10 ton G&D Chiller
  • 4 Medium freeze dryers
  • 400 Gallon RO storage Tank
  • 1,000 GPD RO Water filtration system

100 Gallon Package Information

  • 100 gallon wash vessel
  • 65 gallon collection vessel
  • 120 gallon pre chill tank
  • 13.5 ton G&D Chiller
  • 6 Medium freeze dryers
  • 600 Gallon RO storage Tank
  • 2,000 GPD RO Water filtration system
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