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MedaPack Updates


MedaPack is the authorized onsite dealer for the Hashatron line of solvent free hash extraction equipment. We are proud to be a part of this world leading technology not only used for the cannabis industry but also fully customized for food and medical. 

FaceSplash Face Shield:

MedaPack is the exclusive manufacturer of the FaceSplash Face Shield used in the medical, cannabis, school and wood working environments. MedaPack will continue to donate our FaceSplash shields to food kitchen and shelter workers during the covid crisis. If you know an organization in need please email

Intco / TrueBlue Nitrile Medical Exam and Chemo Gloves:

MedaPack is an authorized dealer for  Intco and TrueBlue Nitrile gloves used in medical, food processing, cannabis, schools and various industries requiring powder free high quality nitrile gloves. 

Covid Testing:

MedaPack supplies medical labs, hospitals, schools, the cannabis industry and businesses with at home OTC, Professional POC, and PCR covid tests required to keep in compliance with gov't covid testing protocols. We offer Carestart, Quidell, Abbott, Sienna and Clarity tests.

Email for details.

Wholesale bulk order pricing please contact us and we would be happy to assist. If you know someone in need please email us at

Beyond Covid-19, MedaPack will continue to develop medical products that meet the needs of our clients. We have several products under development, are in partnership with talented entrepreneurs and are excited to share these with the world soon.

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